Professionalism Based on Methodical Work

The Wetrok cleaning methodology ensures that cleaning processes are worked off in the correct sequence and using the right machines and products for optimised results.

Removal of loose dirt Removal of adhering dirt Protective treatment Cleaning surfaces above the ground

Sweeping / Vacuum sweeping

Medium area performance: 1,000 m2/h

Removal of loose, dry dirt using mechanical means from hard floor coverings in outdoor areas or from textile floor coverings indoors

Sweeping / Vacuum sweeping
Preparatory work

Equip and prepare the machine.
Follow the operating instructions.

Check the dirt collector and empty if full.

Adjust the main brush to the right height.

Main work involved

Sweep/vacuum sweep the edges with the side brushes.

Sweep/vacuum sweep unobstructed areas.
Fold up the side brushes.

Final steps

Empty the dirt collector.

Wipe the machine down with a damp cloth.

Charge the battery or refill with fuel if necessary.