Professionalism Based on Methodical Work

The Wetrok cleaning methodology ensures that cleaning processes are worked off in the correct sequence and using the right machines and products for optimised results.

Removal of loose dirt Removal of adhering dirt Protective treatment Cleaning surfaces above the ground


Medium area performance: 600 m2/h

Removal using mechanical means of loose dirt from smooth to slightly textured floor coverings – without dispersing dust. The floor covering remains dry.

Choose the right product for the area of application.

Preparatory work

Attach the Masslinn or synthetic fur to the damp mopping device.
Only use on dry surfaces.

Spray a little damp mopping agent onto a mop.
Leave enough time for it to be absorbed, preferably over night.

Adjust the handle to the right length. (telescopic handle)
Chin or shoulder height

Main work involved

Always push the damp mopping device with the broad (long) side facing forwards, keeping it on the floor at all times.

Start by dusting round the edges and under the furniture. Finish off by dusting unobstructed areas, making sweeping movements until you reach the outlet.

Collect the dirt and Masslinn with a dustpan and brush, then dispose of it.

Final steps

Vacuum the synthetic fur dry.
Wash in the washing machine every now and then.

Wash the mop in the washing machine.

Wipe the damp mopping device down with a damp cloth and clean the cleaning materials.