FIGR Test Passed with Flying Colours

Masslinn dust-binding cloths by Wetrok now with FIGR certification


Wetrok commissioned FIGR, an objective research and certification institute for facility management in Germany, with a stringent comparison test of their range of Masslinn single-use dust-binding cloths (2000, Yellow, Hopital, Orange) and the machine-washable Microsol dust-binding cloth to gain conclusive facts about their cleaning performance.

The dust-binding cloths tested in laboratory tests all came back with excellent results in the two disciplines cleaning performance and gliding behaviour. A supplementary field trial resulted in further proof: Best germ reduction results are achieved when using a Wetrok Masslinn dust-binding cloth before wet mopping.

Based on the excellent results of the comparison tests, FIGR awarded the Masslinn dust-binding cloths and the Microsol dust-binding cloth by Wetrok with the "FIGR-certified" seal of quality: "Test results have confirmed that the Wetrok dust-binding cloths can be highly recommended for dust-binding mopping.*"

* Original quote from test report FIGR

Masslinn dust-binding cloth
FIGR certification