Wetrok Duomatic Esprit

With Power Whirl and Touch'n'Clean technology


The new, manoeuvrable Duomatic Esprit scrubber-drier excels due to a full array of innovative elements, significantly contributing to efficiency in maintenance cleaning. The highlights of this innovative machine concept include the patented Wetrok Power Whirl based on advanced suction nozzle technology. It generates an optimally-controlled suction whirl that leaves the cleaned area absolutely dry with less energy. The unique Touch'n'Clean handle provides for automatic start-stop operation, making the machine even easier, and above all, safer. The Duomatic Esprit offers a 55-litre fresh water tank with an integrated water pump. Filling is quick and convenient, thanks to the Quick-Refill attachment with a hose coupling and automatic power cut-off. Just a few simple controls that are easy to understand, the continuously adjustable upright handle and the powerful Self-Drive allow for ergonomic and fatigue-free working conditions.

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