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Huge cleaning power, light as a sugar stick. That’s our Granuline. The brand new, granulate-based product family is set to revolutionise the market completely. These are the very first cleaning products that achieve better cleaning results than traditional liquid cleaning products. All you need is cold water. And it all works in record time.

The Granuline family consists of three patent-protected granulate cleaners: Granufloor (floor maintenance cleaner), Granusan (sanitary maintenance cleaner) and Granusurf (all-purpose cleaner). All three products are packaged in handy single portion sticks – that gives you three decisive advantages:

  • 100% dosing accuracy guaranteed
  • Say goodbye to heavy containers!
  • The sticks take up hardly any storage space

Tip: Wetrok Granusan and Granusurf are both perfect products for manual foam cleaning. Because of the foam process, this method uses no more chemicals or water than needed. The result: Gleaming, clean surfaces – and no spray particles in the air.

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