Professionalism Based on Methodical Work

The Wetrok cleaning methodology ensures that cleaning processes are worked off in the correct sequence and using the right machines and products for optimised results.

Removal of loose dirt Removal of adhering dirt Protective treatment Cleaning surfaces above the ground

Dry dusting

Medium area performance: 800 m2/h

Removal of loose dirt from furniture and other surfaces with dry or slightly damp cleaning textiles (barely damp at all). The surface involved remains dry.

Dry dusting
Preparatory work

Fold the cleaning cloth.
Use proper folding techniques.

Main work involved

Add/spray a little cleaning product (correctly dosed) onto the cloth.
Choose the right product for the type of application and use the right dosage.

Dry wipe the surface with a folded cloth or a suitable dusting device.

Use proper folding techniques.

Final steps

Wash any dirty cloths and clean the cleaning materials.
Vacuum clean the ceiling brush or wipe down with a damp cloth.

Throw away any disposable cloths.