Professionalism Based on Methodical Work

The Wetrok cleaning methodology ensures that cleaning processes are worked off in the correct sequence and using the right machines and products for optimised results.

Removal of loose dirt Removal of adhering dirt Protective treatment Cleaning surfaces above the ground

Wet scrubbing

Medium area performance: 100 m2/h

Loosening of adhesive dirt from water-resistant floor coverings using mechanical/chemical means. Do not use on false floors!

Choose the right pad/brush for the floor covering.

Wet scrubbing
Preparatory work

Equip and prepare the machine. Fit the water tank.
Follow the operating instructions.

Add the cleaning solution, correctly dosed, to the water tank.
Choose the right product for the floor covering and use the right dosage.

Remove any loose dirt.
((Dry/brush vacuum cleaning))

Put up the warning sign.

Main work involved

Wet scrub the floor covering with a single-brush machine and pad/brush, adding cleaning solution as you go.

Apply cleaning solution to 2-3 strips, then scrub this area, working in circles.
Work your way towards the outlet (jack).

Scrub corners and edges manually or using a machine.
Use the edge cleaning tool/BrushBoy.

Use a wet vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirty water.
Wet vacuuming

When performing basic cleaning, rinse with clean water once more (wet scrub and wet vacuum clean again).
Dry/brush scrubbing

Final steps

Leave the floor to dry out completely.

Check and clean cable.

Empty the tank, wipe the machine down with a damp cloth, and clean the cleaning materials.