Thomas Kyburz is the new CEO of the Wetrok Group


Thomas Kyburz will assume the position of CEO of the Wetrok Group with effect from 1st of February 2016. Mario Hochstrasser, the former CEO will join the Board of Directors at Wetrok.

Thomas Kyburz joined Wetrok on the 1st of April 2004 and since then has been active in a variety of different positions within the company. The Wetrok Switzerland was expanded into a successful marketing organisation under his control. Thomas Kyburz has been involved in company management since 2010 and heads the marketing and product development areas. He is familiar with the organisation as well as its customers and markets. His forward-thinking ideas have contributed hugely to our position in the market and the build-up as well as reinforcing of innovation strength of the Wetrok Group. Thomas Kyburz is looking forward to taking on his new role: «The highly motivated Wetrok Team will continue to reach new heights in the future.»