Wetrok: Partner for Service Providers, Industry and Trade

Our comprehensive cleaning know-how will ensure that your cleaning crews will use the correct methods, machines, and products for optimised results. We offer competent and customised advice.

The professional cleaning of office buildings, factory floors, retail outlets, exhibition areas, and function rooms of any kind is an investment in maintaining the value of the property and the image of the company. A well-maintained appearance makes a good impression and reinforces the competitive edge. What is more, a clean and therefore healthy work environment enhances staff motivation and reduces absenteeism.

The core elements of an economical cleaning solution are well trained and well coordinated cleaning crews, and the application of appropriate cleaning methods, using the right machines and products.

Wetrok will see you well advised and ready for any eventuality: Our cleaning experts will help you develop cleaning concepts that precisely match local and operational requirements. And best of all: we offer everything you could ever need for professional cleaning – from cleaning cloths to high performance scrubber-driers.

We will always be there for you when you need us.