Professionalism Based on Methodical Work

The Wetrok cleaning methodology ensures that cleaning processes are worked off in the correct sequence and using the right machines and products for optimised results.

Removal of loose dirt Removal of adhering dirt Protective treatment Cleaning surfaces above the ground

Spray extraction

Medium area performance: 80 m2/h

Removal of even deeply ingrained dirt from water-resistant textile floor coverings using chemical/mechanical means

Long drying time: do not walk on surface until completely dry! Switch off floor heating 1 day in advance.

Spray extraction
Preparatory work

Choose a spot which people will not notice to check whether the floor covering and underlay are suited to this cleaning method.
Perform a color fastness test. Check water resistance.

Equip and prepare the machine.
Follow the operating instructions.

Add the cleaning solution, correctly dosed, to the spray unit/spray extraction unit.
Choose the right product for the floor covering and use the right dosage.

Remove any loose dirt.
Dry/brush vacuum cleaning

Remove any stains.
Stain removal

Put up the warning sign.

Main work involved A) Direct method

Add cleaning solution to the water tank. Perform spray extraction on the floor covering in one go.
If foam starts to develop, add a bit of Fomstop to the dirty water tank.

Main work involved B) Indirect method

Use the spray unit to distribute the cleaning solution.
You can use the spray extraction unit instead.

Leave the cleaning solution to take effect.
Do not allow to dry out.

Add clean water to the water tank and perform spray extraction on the floor
covering until the water being sucked away looks clean.

If foam starts to develop, add a bit of anti-foaming agent to the dirty water tank/hose.

A) and B)

Draw up the pile manually, using a brush.

Leave the floor covering to dry out completely: 8-24 hours.
Do not walk on surface until completely dry!

Final steps

Check and clean cable.

Empty and clean the spray unit.
Clean the nozzle thoroughly.

Empty the tank, clean the machine and cleaning materials.
Leave the machine open and allow to dry.