Wetrok Mops

Three new mops for five-star cleaning results


The three newly developed and highly innovative mops by Wetrok are true cleaning stars. Just like stars in the night sky, these mops shine from within – because of the unbeatable quality of their material. These three wet-mopping wonders score top marks in terms of water and dirt absorbency, sliding ability and abrasive power. What’s more: these new cleaning miracles also offer a extremely long service life. Each mop can – with standard use and compliance with wash recommendations – live through 700 to 900 wash cycles.

On slightly structured or smooth flooring, for slightly damp applications or for use with the double bucket trolley, the microfibre or mixed fibre –mops shine with their own special advantages.

One click, a quick glance – and you will know exactly which of the new mops is the perfect choice for your cleaning challenge.


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