Monovac Comfort & Monovac Touch'n'Clean

An innovative leap forward in the world of dry vacuum cleaners


Wetrok has refined the tried and tested Monovac line and the new Monovac Comfort and Monovac Touch’n’Clean models are leading the way into a brighter future for dry vacuum cleaners. The ergonomic Touch’n’Clean Start/Stop function is a milestone in technical evolution: The motor of the dry vacuum cleaner engages as soon as the operator touches the handle. When the handle is released, the motor stops automatically. Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved with the Touch’n’Clean function, because the appliance is only running when actual work is being done. Another innovation is the “Defined Air Pressure (DAP)” technology for targeted control of the air flow and air pressure. DAP increases vacuuming performance and reduces noise emissions. Wetrok dry vacuum cleaners tackle dust with a 3200 cm2 prefilter (class M) which acts as an effective dust barrier without obstructing the air flow. An optional HEPA filter can also be easily fitted to stop dust, pollen and bacteria

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