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You would like to use your cleaning cloths as efficiently as possible? We will show you the best folding technique to get the best area performance and most hygienic results. The rule of thumb is: Fold twice, wipe 8 times.

Step 1
2x folding: Fold the cloth once down the middle and then fold it again. This gives you eight equal sized cloth surfaces, which can be used one after the other.

Step 2
Wet: Spray or foam a little cleaning product onto the side of the cloth you are currently using.

Step 3
Change sides: Change the side of the cloth if necessary. To do so, pull the side of the cloth backwards.

Step 4
Get the next cloth when you have used all eight sections of the cloth or if you are moving on to a new area (room, toilets, etc.). The used cleaning cloth now needs to go to the laundry – don’t put it back into the cleaning solution or rinse it in the bucket.

The detailed folding instructions can be found here EN_Microfaser

Advantages of this simple folding technique:

  • This folding technique ensures that both sides of the cloth are used only once.
  • Eight clean cloth segments maximize the cleaning capacity of the cloth.
  • Turning over the contaminated side of the cloth prevents cross-contamination.
  • This folding technique can be used with any type of cleaning cloth (microfibre, mixed fibre, fleece)
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